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Bugzilla 5.0 moved to HTML5

A quick note to let you know that starting with Bugzilla 4.5.2, which should be released soon (a few weeks at most), it now uses the HTML5 doctype instead of the HTML 4.01 Transitional one. This means that cool new features from HTML5 can now be implemented in the coming Bugzilla 5.0. A lot of cleanup has been required to remove all obsolete HTML elements and attributes, and to move all hardcoded styles into CSS files, and to replace many <table> by <div> where appropriate. There are still many places to fix to be fully HTML5 compliant as HTML 4.01 was more lenient with some code, but we did a great jump toward the HTML5 world.

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  1. 9 janvier 2014 à 10:36  

    I’ve found recently that Bugzilla removes some control characters from comments (while the mail notification still use these characters). Where is the list of the removed characters and why are they removed? Also, I suggest to consider replaceing the plain text comments field with a rich input control so we could easily include links and highlight text in the content.

  2. 22 janvier 2014 à 4:02  

    I wish that bugzilla could have a mailserver email id for every bug, so that the users can just include that email id in CC of every email conversations that they have regarding this bug.

    Above comment is posted with the intention of encouraging the people to comment on bug,instead of communicating the topic related to bug through email .

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