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New UI to manage products in Bugzilla

All those of you who are administrators of a Bugzilla installation already had to configure products in the past. Most of you probably found it was pretty hard to configure security correctly on these products: Entry, MemberControl, OtherControl, Canedit, editbugs, canconfirm, editcomponents. What’s all this and how do they interact with each other?

I made a proposal to rewrite this page entirely, and you can see the result here (it’s a html page). If you are a Bugzilla administrator or have privileges to edit product settings on your Bugzilla installation, please give me your feedback, ideally as a comment in the bug itself, in the worse case here as a comment. If this new UI is accepted, it will be part of Bugzilla 5.0.

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  1. Cédric
    6 octobre 2012 à 9:38  

    Nice work Frédéric! With this new UI, I should even be able to configure myself security without error or any help. This is a really big improvement.

  2. 7 octobre 2012 à 4:25  

    One thing that always make me wonder is the block/depends fields. I think that changing its wording would be enough to make usure users won’t mistake and fill the other field.

    • Frédéric Buclin
      7 octobre 2012 à 11:53  

      Except that it’s unrelated to this topic. :)

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