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Testopia 2.5 released! Works with Bugzilla 4.2.1

I got an email this morning from the maintainer of Testopia to inform me that Testopia 2.5 is finally released! This is the first version to work with Bugzilla 4.2.1 (if you are still running Bugzilla 4.0.x or 4.2, upgrade to 4.2.1 first). The announcement has not be made official yet, but this should be done in the coming hours, hopefully. Meanwhile, you can already download Testopia 2.5. Note that there is no need to apply any patch anymore to make it work (which is why you need Bugzilla 4.2.1 instead of e.g. 4.2, because 4.2.1 has some changes included in it to avoid to patch the core code to make Testopia work). And if you find any problem which hasn’t been reported yet, feel free to file a new bug (bugs only, no support questions). Have fun!

UPDATE: The announcement has finally been made here.

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  1. 17 juin 2012 à 1:40  

    Nice! Thanks for your help.

  2. J Martinez
    18 juin 2012 à 7:00  

    Where I can download because the download link Testopia 2.5. shoot me an error thx!

    • Frédéric Buclin
      18 juin 2012 à 7:06  

      The URL works fine. Try again.

  3. jayabhanug
    16 avril 2013 à 7:35  

    please help me, i have installed newly an bugzilla 4.2.5 and now i want to use Testopia , can i have any documentation or links to set up testopia , how to install ? , how to use it ?

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