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Bugzilla 4.2 released!

We released Bugzilla 4.2 today, exactly one year after our previous major release, 4.0! Bugzilla 4.2 now supports SQLite, lets you create attachments simply by pasting text into a text field, can send bug changes notifications in HTML format, supports more complex queries, lets you disable old target milestones, versions and components (so that you don’t need to delete them, but also don’t let users report new bugs to them), has accessibility improvements, and much more

This release also means that Bugzilla 3.4.x is no longer supported. Installations still running 3.4.14 or older are highly encouraged to upgrade to 4.2, especially to benefit from the security improvements made in newer versions. This also means that Bugzilla 4.0.x will now only get security fixes, and other bug fixes won’t be accepted on this branch anymore, unless they fix critical flaws, such as upgrade issues or dataloss.

The Bugzilla team will now focus on the next major release, Bugzilla 4.4, which we expect to release before the end of the year. We expect to release the first development snapshot (4.3.1) in a few weeks. New features will be accepted for the next two months, till the end of April. Then we will focus on stabilization to prepare Bugzilla 4.4rc1.

If you are interested in helping with the development of Bugzilla, now is a good time to join the team and contribute with new features and/or bug fixes. Due to other activities and because life can sometimes make you very busy, some core developers had to stop their contributions to the Bugzilla project in the last few months and so we would be very happy to see new faces. Bugzilla needs to be faster, nicer, more user friendly, and all this is only possible with your help, your ideas and your feedback. So even if you aren’t a Perl expert, there is a lot of place for everyone (you  can do a lot with HTML + JS + CSS only, think about the User Interface!). If you are not sure about how to contribute or help, feel free to join us on IRC in the #bugzilla channel. There is always someone around to answer your questions. :)

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  1. 23 février 2012 à 10:43  

    Hey, how i can contribute? :)

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