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Bugzilla 4.2rc1 and 4.0.3 released

After a very long delay due to some nasty blockers, we finally released Bugzilla 4.2rc1 last night! Just to name a few new features or improvements:

  • SQLite is now supported and becomes the 4th supported database besides MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle. Its support must still be considered as experimental, though.
  • It is now possible to create an attachment by pasting text into a text field, without having to save your text as a file on your machine. Of course, you can still upload files as you always did.
  • By default, bugmails are now sent in HTML format instead of the plain text format used till now. There is a user preference to select the format you want (text only, or text+html).
  • The searching system has been improved, especially the Custom Search section in the Advanced Search page. It’s now easier to build more complex queries.
  • Old components, versions and milestones can be disabled if you no longer want users to  use them. Bugs which already use them are not affected, but users won’t be able to report new bugs into them (e.g. against an old version, or against a deprecated component).
  • A custom field can now be displayed based on multiple values of another field. For instance, this lets you display a custom field in several products. Till now, you had to choose between a single product and all products.
  • Most administrative changes made in Bugzilla are now logged and stored in the audit_log table. There is no UI to access this table yet, but developers can already start build their own tools for auditing.
  • There have been several accessibility improvements to become more compliant with the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative. The project just started, and a lot of work is still needed.
  • Users without editbugs privileges can no longer remove other users from the CC list of bugs.
  • The encoding of text files can be automatically detected when uploading them as attachments.
  • Tabular reports are now sortable based on any column.
  • Buglists have a new default column list: product | component | assignee | bug status | resolution | bug summary | last change date
  • Math::Random::Secure is no longer used to generate cryptographically secure pseudorandom numbers. We use Math::Random::ISAAC instead.
  • X-Frame-Options = SAMEORIGIN is now passed to all page headers to protect users from framing and subsequent possible clickjacking problems.
  • Two new WebServices methods have been added: Product.create and Group.create.
  • Bugmails are now fully localizable and customizable (no hardcoded strings anymore).

Read the complete Release Notes to discover other new features or improvements. As it’s still a release candidate, do not forget to report any regression or broken feature to us, so that we can investigate and fix them before 4.2 final.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ORACLE USERS: There is still a bug when upgrading to 4.2rc1 using Oracle. Make sure to apply the patch from bug 715870 before upgrading! This patch will be in 4.2 final (or 4.2rc2, if there is one).

We also released Bugzilla 4.0.3, which is our current stable release, and Bugzilla 3.6.7 and 3.4.13. All these releases contain two security fixes. Bugzilla 4.2rc1 also has some security improvements which have not been backported to stable branches to not break 3rd-party applications.

With the coming release of Bugzilla 4.2, the 3.4.x series will reach End Of Life, meaning that no more security fixes will be released for this series. If you have Bugzilla 3.4.x or older, you are highly encouraged to upgrade to Bugzilla 4.2rc1 or 4.0.3.

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