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Latest news about Bugzilla 4.0.2, 4.2rc1 and 5.0

We had another Bugzilla meeting on IRC yesterday (channel log), and the three topics were about Bugzilla 4.0.2, 4.2rc1 and about Bugzilla 5.0. So I’m going to give you a brief summary of what has been discussed.

Bugzilla 4.0.2

We still have a few blockers for 4.0.2. Due to security bugs being under investigation, we are probably going to release Bugzilla 4.0.2, 4.1.3, 3.6.6 and 3.4.12 before we branch for 4.2rc1. ETA: asap (I cannot be more precise as it all depends on our free time, as we are all volunteers; but this should be done in the coming few days or weeks)!

Bugzilla 4.2rc1

The list of blockers for 4.2rc1 is pretty large. Fortunately, they all have a developer assigned to them, and so we can expect some activity there, at least once the security releases mentioned above are out. ETA: several weeks, maybe July?

Bugzilla 5.0

What will come after Bugzilla 4.2 depends on the progress made to redo the UI of Bugzilla, especially about show_bug.cgi, see bug 662605. Once the new UI is complete, we will call Bugzilla 5.0. Meanwhile, we will release Bugzilla 4.4, 4.6, … till the new UI (which is developed in its own branch) is merged with the main tree. Besides the new UI, we defined some main goals for the next release (independently of its version being 4.4 or 5.0), and we will try to fix as many of them during the next development cycle. As major Bugzilla releases are time-based, instead of feature-based, probably not all these enhancements will be implemented on time for the next release. If there is one you really cannot live without, feel free to join us and help implement them. New contributors are always welcome! ;)

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Mageia 1 est arrivée

Mageia, clone de Mandriva Linux, a atteint hier la version 1, marquant ainsi la première version stable de cette nouvelle distribution Linux. Pour l’avoir testée pendant plusieurs mois dans ma machine virtuelle durant les phases beta et RC, Mageia 1 me semble être un système d’exploitation très stable, fonctionnel et surtout convivial et rapide (par exemple, Mageia démarre bien plus rapidement que Ubuntu et Fedora, et l’écran de démarrage est bien plus convivial également). Si vous cherchez à vous échapper de Mandriva Linux 2010.1 ou 2010.2, n’hésitez pas, essayez Mageia 1!

PS: Je ne contribue en aucun cas au projet Mageia, mais je me permets de faire de la pub pour des applications/OS/initiatives qui en valent la peine. Et Mageia en fait définitivement partie. Je souhaite plein de succès à cette nouvelle et courageuse équipe. :)


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