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Some Bugzilla installation stats

If you are curious to know the version running on some well known Bugzilla installations worldwide, I collected this information in a single place: I think this way of doing it is better than writing a new article each summer, as I did for the last three years. This page also lists the approximate number of bugs contained in the DB, to give you an idea how big an installation is.

It’s pretty cool to know that so many large companies and projects use Bugzilla to track their bugs. For instance:, RedHat, Novell, Mandriva, Mozilla, WebKit, KDE, GNOME, Logitech, Facebook, GCC, Apache and especially Yahoo! with more than 4 million bugs! I hope even more companies and projects will use Bugzilla in the future. :)

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  1. Anuradha
    10 novembre 2010 à 2:44  

    Can you suggest some database migrator?
    Basically we have bugzilla version 2.18 with mysql ver 1.1.6. Now we are planning to upgrade bugzilla to 3.6.2 with mysql ver 5.1.

    Can someone help out in recommending a migrator for the same? or is there a direct upgradable option?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Frédéric Buclin
    10 novembre 2010 à 7:48  

    A newer Bugzilla is able to upgrade an older one. The script you have to execute is named I guess you meant MySQL 4.1.6 rather than 1.1.6?

    • Francois C.
      15 novembre 2010 à 10:32  

      I have the same concern as Anuradha and I am wondering why so many installations do not upgrade.
      Clearly things are not as simple as "run".

      IMHO (I’m really a novice in bugzilla admin, managing a very small install with ~15 products, 10’000 bugs), companies are developing their own stylesheets, workflow and/or extension for bugzilla to fit their organization. And those modifications are too painful to migrate.

      As far as I’m concern, I am expecting a lot from Bugzilla:REST API as well as new Extension Mechanism.
      Then I hope that shared requirements will be integrated in main trunk.

  3. Frédéric Buclin
    15 novembre 2010 à 7:39  

    If you use hooks and the extension system correctly, it should be as simple as running Older Bugzilla versions do not have as many hooks as some admins may want. This is becoming better and better at each new release (I upgraded GCC Bugzilla with no pain thanks to extensions, despite their customizations).

    Several installations, such as those still running 2.22.1, do not upgrade because that’s the version of Bugzilla available in their Debian distro (Debian seems a bit slow to provide up-to-date packages). Some other installations just don’t have the time to do it, or have a working installation and see no benefit in upgrading. Some other maybe just don’t know how to upgrade.

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