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Bugzilla 4.0rc1 (and 3.6.3) released

Last night, we released Bugzilla 4.0rc1 and Bugzilla 3.6.3, as well as security-fixes only  3.4.9 and 3.2.9.

Bugzilla 4.0rc1 comes 3 months after our latest development snapshot 3.7.3, and is considered stable enough for use in non-critical environments. If nothing serious is found in this release candidate, we will release Bugzilla 4.0 final in a few weeks (probably in December). Else we may release another release candidate if major problems are found. Bugzilla 4.0rc1 comes with many improvements over Bugzilla 3.6, for instance: automatic detection of duplicates when reporting a new bug, improved search and attachment details pages, autocompletion for all user fields (requires JSON-RPC to work on your installation), a new default status workflow, the ability for Bugzilla to remember more than one search at once, several new WebService methods among which the highly desired Bug.update() method, the ability to display multi-select custom fields as a column in bug lists (including bug flags!), and many new code and template hooks to help you write extensions without having to hack the core code.

Bugzilla 3.6.3 is our latest stable release, which includes several bug fixes as well as three security fixes, as described in the security advisory. It contains no new features.

Note that once Bugzilla 4.0 is released, we won’t support the 3.2.x series anymore. Installations running such old versions should upgrade to either 3.6.3 or 4.0 final when it comes out.

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  1. 5 novembre 2010 à 12:49  

    "Automatic detection of duplicates when reporting a new bug"? If the algorithm is good, that would be a great improvement, but I wonder that it even can be done, let alone how…

    • Frédéric Buclin
      5 novembre 2010 à 1:15  

      It looks at words entered in the bug summary of the new bug, and looks for bugs with similar words in their summary.

  2. Rony
    12 novembre 2010 à 9:15  

    Hi, I want to participate into the bugzilla development. Could you please name me some IDE for syntax highlight and code completion for perl and template toolkit.


    • Frédéric Buclin
      15 novembre 2010 à 7:34  

      Better is to use a good text editor. Personally, I use kwrite (a text editor for KDE). I don’t use any IDE to write patches for Bugzilla.

    • 16 novembre 2010 à 7:16  

      For text editing, including coding, I use Vim — a "plain" text editor, but with syntax highlighting and code completion capabilities, and even a "quickfix" mode to ease the "make – correct – retry" cycle of repeated compilation (though I doubt the latter would be of great use for an application with as huge a codebase — and as long a compile on machines like mine and probably yours — as Firefox, Thunderbird or SeaMonkey).

      And what is more, not only Vim runs on many platforms including Windows, Linux and Mac OSX, but it even has a built-in help which is second to none: everything is in there, so much so that it has several commands to fight the needle-and-haystack feeling of the newbie user. ;-) This said, of course YMMV.

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