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Bugzilla is now available in 10 languages

Our latest stable release, Bugzilla 3.6.2, is now available in 10 languages: bg, cs, de, en, es-es, fr, ja, pl, pt-br, and zh-tw. No idea what happened to the russian team, which disappeared soon after 3.5.2. No idea either for the belarusian team, which stopped releasing new templates after 3.2.3. If you don’t want to install the l10n templates yourself, but you want to see how Bugzilla looks like in other languages, you can play with this test installation, which has all the available l10n templates installed.

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  1. 25 mai 2013 à 7:16  

    I would like to notice that there was also an translation to Dutch ( I remember that at that time 2004 translating of the templates was not trivial. Are there any developments since then in the way translation string should be created ? We announced the project in 2004 according to the procedure advertised but it was never picked up by the Bugzilla localisation team. The sponsoring team gave up after v3.0. :(

    • Frédéric Buclin
      25 mai 2013 à 11:53  

      There has been a lot of discussion on how to make the life for translators easier, see but developers and translators disagree on how things should work. Making the life easier for translators means making the life a bit harder for developers, and a good compromise must be found. The discussion stalled for some years now.

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