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Mandriva Linux is dead, fork Mandriva

From what I can see, I’m not even sure we will ever see a Mandriva Linux 2011.0 release:

Based on the uncertain future of Mandriva Linux, some old Mandriva employees and contributors decided to fork this distro:

I wonder if this new organization will manage to make Mageia a successful fork. I wonder if they will be able to compete against Fedora, Ubuntu or SUSE.

Open source is a strange world. When you think something is here to stay for long, you suddenly realize that money also plays a role. Isn’t it, OpenOffice (aka, Oracle killed it)? AOL killed Netscape, and Firefox and Thunderbird were born, and are today successful products. Oracle killed OpenOffice, and LibreOffice is born, but it still has to prove it will be a successful product. And what about Mageia, Mandriva’s new fork? I guess forking a Linux distro is a bit less trivial than forking a single application.

Did the open source world show its limits? Aren’t there too many distros/applications already? Being allowed and able to fork a tool, or develop your own is great, but isn’t the open source community duplicating and wasting its efforts again and again every time a new fork or tool appears? Is it one of the reasons why Linux and some free applications cannot compete against Windows and Mac, and their non-free applications?

It’s already hard enough to make the average user accept open source applications (think OpenOffice versus Microsoft Office, think Gimp versus Adobe Photoshop, think VLC versus Windows Media Player, think Linux versus Microsoft Windows, etc…), but it’s a lost mission when they keep being forked and renamed.

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  1. Tiago Sá
    3 octobre 2010 à 10:25  

    Well, if the forks mean improvement, then why the hell not?

    I don’t follow OpenOffice very closely, but I use it exclusively and I like it very much. But if Libre Office is going to fix those stupid bugs and quirks and things that have been around for ages and keep bothering me every now and again, then great! Apparently the old OO.o wasn’t very good at fixing those things, so I’m hopefull that LibreOffice will do a better job. I’ll install it as soon as it leaves beta, or as soon as I have time to read what is beta about LibreOffice.

    Still, the interface needs a bit of work, but please don’t copy the crap Microsoft interface that takes up half the screen and is sized for blind people.

    As for GIMP, if they make it as slick as Photoshop in terms of user experience, I’m all for it. Specially considering it’s free.

    And VLC. If they make it halfway as decent as Media Player Classic, and implement basic features like clicking the video to pause it, or unobstrusive fullscreen controls, then I’ll use it on my Windows machine too (I only use it on Linux, and even there, only sometimes, since I have a couple other players installed).

    It’s all about user experience. NOTHING ELSE.


    Nothing else stands as more important. User experience is king. Firefox seems to have understood that with Firefox 4, but I think they’re making a huge mistake in not delaying the final release and instead cutting basic breakthrough UX features like the home tab, or like the account manager, or the profile manager, or so many other things… I think if you’re going to do something right, please do it properly, not half of it now and the rest of it god knows when… Imma stick to 3.6 until 4.1 is released, with the home tab, in-content UI, site permissions, proper identity button, profile manager, account manager and all that. If it’s just for the tabs on top and glass effects, I can spare myself the update and wait for better times.

  2. basic
    3 octobre 2010 à 10:47  

    As long as there are people who want what a (new/old) distro/application/service/library provides, forking/merging/rewriting is never a waste. Everyone has different goals, what is probably needed is more collaboration between projects (not less projects).

    Just look at Mozilla, Chromium and Webkit. From there you get Jaegermonkey, CSS transforms/transitions … etc

  3. 4 octobre 2010 à 6:30  

    Yeah, "AOL killed Netscape", but that was long after Firefox had already become successful (in fact, Netscape 9 wasn’t much more than Firefox with a different theme). I’ll go farther: Mozilla Corp. killed the Mozilla Suite, but on lives SeaMonkey, with its own faithful developers and users, and (as time goes on) a rising percentage of common backend code with Firefox & Thunderbird, but a somewhat different look&feel, and the Suite concept with its pluses (such as no duplication of running code when both Browser and Mail are up) and minuses (for instance, a crash in either Browser or Mailer also crashes the other).

    FOSS in general, and the Mozilla Mission in particular, are all about choice; and choice means that to do the same set of tasks (managing the Internet, say, or handling documents, or running a personal computer) there will be several similar but slightly different tools, and the fact that they compete against each other doesn’t mean that one of them should eliminate all others (on the contrary!), nor even (hopefully) that one will. Think about Ford vs. Volkswagen vs. Citroën vs. Fiat vs. Suzuki etc.

  4. Patrick
    14 octobre 2010 à 1:01  

    I hope we see Mandriva 2011! 2010 Spring edition has been perfect for me, and has allowed me to get away from a quirky Ubuntu product. Which I think can be fixed, but the
    last edition of Ubuntu was really flawed.

    Until the new Mageia project gets its first distro out
    and shows stability. I will hope and pray Mandriva can
    be solid for the time being with some beneficial updates.

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