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What’s new in Bugzilla 4.0 and 4.2?

I didn’t blog for a long time about new features in the coming Bugzilla 4.0, nor Bugzilla 4.2 whose development just started. So here are some highlights:

Bugzilla 4.0:

  • Bug 521416 – Older versions of IIS were causing Bugzilla to crash under some circumstances, due to problems with undefined values being passed back to Bugzilla when they shouldn’t (neither IIS 7.5 nor Apache are affected. IIS 5.1 definitely is. Not sure about IIS 6 and 7). This problem is now fixed, and all versions of IIS should work correctly now. This fix has also been backported to Bugzilla 3.6.2.
  • Bug 490923 – Enable autocompletion for the assignee, QA contact, and CC fields. No need to remember the full email address of another user, Bugzilla will now show you a list of users matching the string you entered.
  • Bug 412074 – Bug.add_attachment is a new WebService method which lets you add attachments to a bug.
  • Bug 415813 – Bug.update is a new WebService method which lets you edit all aspects of an existing bug. Combined with Bug.add_attachment mentioned above, you can do everything you want with bugs. For the record, Bug.create already exists for a long time, to create new bugs.
  • Bug 486292 – The default workflow has been changed. New installations will now have UNCONFIRMED, CONFIRMED, IN_PROGRESS, RESOLVED and VERIFIED as bug statuses instead of the old UNCONFIRMED, NEW, ASSIGNED, REOPENED, RESOLVED, VERIFIED and CLOSED bug statuses. You are of course free to edit them from the administrative pages if you don’t like the new default workflow.
  • Bug 22353 – Automatic duplicate bug detection has been implemented when filing a new bug, to give you a chance to see existing bugs matching your data before reporting your own bug. We hope this will decrease the number of duplicates.
  • Bug 556422 – The existing bug-moving functionality has been converted into an extension which is disabled by default. So this functionality is still present in Bugzilla 4.0, but you now have to enable it by deleting the "extensions/Voting/disabled" file instead of enabling it from the "Parameters" page. Once the extension is enabled, you have to re-run again.
  • Bug 24896 – Bugzilla now supports multiple (by default: 10) buglists at once, meaning that if you edit a bug and click the "Show last search results" link, it will show you the list the bug came from, even if you did another search meanwhile. Note that Bugzilla does its best to guess which buglist a bug comes from. And if a bug appears in several buglists, there is a risk that it redisplays the "wrong" buglist.

Bugzilla 4.2:

  • Bug 119703 – You can now create an attachment by pasting text directly into a text field. This means you don’t need to save your text in a file first, which you then have to upload. This is very useful e.g. if you want to copy and paste something very quickly.
  • Bug 142394 – Tabular reports are now sortable (requires JS to be enabled). You can choose the column you want to sort data.

As many new, and sometimes invasive, features have landed, we need as much feedback and testing as possible. So do not hesitate to download development snapshots and report bugs if you find something wrong. Remember that these development snapshots are for testing purposes only, and should in no case be used in production (we have a huge list of blockers for 4.0!).

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Please upgrade!

For the third consecutive summer, I wanted to know which version major Bugzilla installations were running. In parentheses is the Bugzilla version they were running one year ago. As you can see, only the half of these installations have been upgraded in the last 12 months, and one third runs a version which is no longer supported and which has unpatched security holes. I know Yahoo! plans to upgrade to 3.6 later this year, but I have no idea about the other ones. Remember that Bugzilla 3.0.9 and older are no longer supported, and that we will stop supporting 3.2.x once Bugzilla 4.0 is released (end of this year/beginning of next year).

  • Mozilla: 3.6.1+ (3.2.4)
  • OpenSSH: 3.6.1 (3.2.3)
  • RedHat: 3.4.7+ (3.2.3+)
  • Gnome: 3.4.6+ (2.20.5)
  • FreeDesktop: 3.4.6 (3.0.8)
  • Apache: 3.4.6 (3.2.3)
  • Wikimedia: 3.4.5 (3.0.8)
  • ClamAV: 3.4.5 (3.4rc1)
  • Eclipse: 3.4.4 (3.0.4)
  • Novell: 3.4.3 (3.2.2)
  • W3C: 3.2.6 (3.0.4)
  • KDE: 3.2.5+ (3.2.3+)
  • WebKit: 3.2.3 (unchanged)
  • Wine: 3.2.3 (unchanged)
  • Mandriva: 3.2.3 (unchanged)
  • 3.2.2 (unchanged)
  • Songbird: 3.0.9 (3.0.5)
  • Facebook: 3.0.4 (unchanged)
  • ActiveState: 3.0.3 (unchanged)
  • Itos (NASA): 3.0.2 (unchanged)
  • Gentoo: 2.22.7 (2.22)
  • Samba: 2.22.1 (unchanged)
  • Maemo: 2.22.1 (unchanged)
  • Yahoo!: 2.22.1 (unchanged)
  • GCC: 2.20+ (unchanged)
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Good bye Windows 2000

… and thank you! Today, Windows 2000 reached End Of Life (EOL). This was a great OS, and I used it till a few months ago when I decided to upgrade to Windows 7, skipping both Windows XP and Vista.


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