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Bugzilla 3.6 released

We released a new major version of Bugzilla today! Bugzilla 3.6 is coming out less than 9 months after Bugzilla 3.4. This release also means that we no longer support Bugzilla 3.0.x, which reached End Of Life. So if you still use Bugzilla 3.0 or older (Bugzilla 2.x, argh), you should really upgrade, not only to use great new features, but also to protect yourself and your users from possible security attacks!

If you are running Windows and you want to try/test/evaluate Bugzilla 3.6, this is now as simple as dowloading Bugzilla-Setup-3.6.exe and execute the installer. It will install Perl, Apache, MySQL and Bugzilla for you (in a separate C:\Program Files\Bugzilla\ directory, so that they do not interfere with your existing copies of Perl & co), and asking you the minimum required information to have it work immediately. And if you want to uninstall it later, just select Bugzilla in the usual "Add/Remove Applications" panel, and installed applications will go away, with no interaction with existing copies (so if you already have e.g. MySQL installed, the Bugzilla uninstaller will leave it alone, and will only remove the copy of MySQL it installed under C:\Program Files\Bugzilla\). Note that the Windows installer is not officially supported by the Bugzilla team, and is only provided by one of the Bugzilla developers to help people install Bugzilla on Windows.

So now that Bugzilla 3.6 is released, what is coming next? Well, we are already working on the next major release, Bugzilla 3.8, which should bring some highly wanted features, such as a WebService API to edit existing bugs (we will call this method Bug.update), so that you can alter them after having used the already implemented Bug.create method. We are also working on a better support for branches, which will better let you know the status of a bug on a per-branch basis. And we also plan to implement the ability to collect information about remote bugs living in other bug trackers (either Bugzilla or or Google Code, for instance) and display this information in your Bugzilla itself (I’m talking about improving the "See Also" field in show_bug.cgi, for those who know what it is). If we manage to implement all three features on time, i.e. this summer at the latest, we will skip "Bugzilla 3.8" in the versioning and rename it "Bugzilla 4.0", as it would be a super-major release. Basically, Bugzilla 4.0 would be able to "talk" to each others and interact together.

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  1. Teo
    14 avril 2010 à 7:29  

    Link for download not working. :(

    • Frédéric Buclin
      14 avril 2010 à 7:33  

      This is now fixed. Try again!

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