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Bugzilla installers now available on Windows

You want to install Bugzilla on your Windows operating system but don’t want to go through all the steps to install Perl, MySQL, Apache and Bugzilla? Just download and run the new Bugzilla installer for Windows! It’s a usual .exe file which all Windows users are used to.

Bugzilla installer for Windows

Bugzilla installer for Windows

It will ask you for information required to run Bugzilla and related services correctly, and once you click "Finish", Bugzilla will appear in your web browser magically. Our magician is named Byron Jones, one of the Bugzilla developers who did a wonderful job to build these installers. Thanks a lot Byron! :)

The installers are currently available for Bugzilla 3.4.6, our current stable release, and Bugzilla 3.6rc1, our first release candidate for 3.6. Note that these installers are not officially supported by Bugzilla, though they got some testing by some core developers. Also note that they will install everything in your C:\Program Files\Bugzilla\ folder, no matter what is already installed on your system. This means Bugzilla will run its own web and DB servers and run its own instance of Perl (which are easier to install/uninstall separately), at least for now. More information can be found on the wiki page of the installers.

Do not hesitate to give us some feedback and/or suggestions for future improvements. Enjoy!

Update (Aug 13, 2011): I saw that a lot of people is looking for Windows installers. You can also download the Bugzilla 4.0 installer, but this one needs some more testing before being pushed into the "official" repository. You must understand that things may break by using this 4.0 installer. Note that installing Bugzilla yourself (i.e. without the unofficial Windows installer) is really not hard at all. Just follow these steps.

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Bugzilla 3.6 RC1 has been released today. Please test it!

We released Bugzilla 3.6rc1 today, our first release candidate for 3.6. This version should be stable enough for non-critical missions. There are currently no blockers left for Bugzilla 3.6, so depending on the feedback we get, we may as well release 3.6 final in a few weeks or release 3.6rc2 depending on the severity of bugs you may find. So now is a good time to test it and to report us bugs you may find. If you don’t want to install Bugzilla 3.6rc1 yourself, you can play with our test installation.

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