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Do you think more icons in the Bugzilla UI is useful and/or prettier?

I added a few icons to one of my local Bugzilla installations a few weeks ago to make it look prettier. Some people think this is useless and brings no value, but I think it makes some pages look better than pure text pages. Below can you see how it looks like with some icons stolen from the Oxygen theme used in KDE4. Don’t be surprised if some icons look unrelated (for instance the one I used for "Bug Status Workflow"); this is simply because I couldn’t find a good one and I picked a random one as a proof of concept. :)

Bugzilla with icons

From top-left to bottom-right: userprefs.cgi, admin.cgi, and report.cgi

I think such icons makes sense at least for some people for whom english is not their mother-language (like me). When you are unsure what a label means, the icon can help you here. I have to add some IDs to some HTML elements to be able to add icons as above, but my patch for bug 547496 is ready for checkin and so one can now build a skin with icons in it if he wants to (Bugzilla 3.7.1 or newer required, unless this patch is also accepted for 3.6rc1).

To be clear: these icons won’t be committed into the Bugzilla source code. So don’t worry, you are not going to see icons everywhere in the next release. I will probably create the skin and attach it somewhere else, so that you are free to download it if you like it (from what I understood on the legal page of the Oxygen icon theme website, their icons are freely available via the Creative Common license).

What do you think about this idea? Do you have better free icons in mind to use in Bugzilla? :)

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Who is fixing Bugzilla bugs these days? – part2

Two years and a half ago, I put a graph showing the contributions of main Bugzilla developers. Doing this exercice again on a broader time frame, the results are pretty dramatic (click the image for a larger view):

Top 5 Bugzilla contributors per major release

This table shows you the top 5 contributors per major Bugzilla release, and the third row shows you the percentage of bugs fixed by the top two contributors compared to all bugs fixed for a given release. As you can see, mkanat and I are the two main contributors since Bugzilla 2.20 (released in September 2005), and the ratio of bugs fixed by us two compared to all contributions keeps increasing, reaching 75% (!) for the coming Bugzilla 3.6 release. Knowing that we both have a real life and a day job, I hope you better understand why we cannot fix all bugs and implement all requests for enhancement in a timely manner, and why we have to prioritize what to do next, meaning that some of your requests won’t be addressed in the near future (/me waves some of the Mozilla folks who like to complain rather easily). As always in the open-source world, if you want something quickly, you are welcome to contribute! ;)

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