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Bugzilla 3.4 released

We released Bugzilla 3.4 today, which also means Bugzilla 2.x is EOL (including Bugzilla 2.22). Here is a quick (and incomplete) list of new features/improvements compared to Bugzilla 3.2:

  • The page to file bugs is now simpler, with "advanced" fields being hidden by default.
  • The home page has been redesigned to be easier to use by new users.
  • Logged out users can no longer see email addresses of other users at all, to prevent spam. Only the name of users is displayed.
  • All passwords are now encrypted using SHA-256 instead of the crypt() function. This means passwords can now be longer than 8 characters.
  • It’s now possible to send emails asynchronously when updating bugs (default: off), so that your browser doesn’t have to wait for all emails to be sent before displaying the page.
  • Dates and times in comment headers and in emails are now displayed using your timezone instead of using the server timezone. Set your timezone from your Preferences panel.
  • Several improvements to custom fields (new species of custom fields, as well as the possibility to display them under some given conditions).
  • You can now reorder columns to display in buglists. Till now, you could only choose which columns to display, but you couldn’t reorder them. This is now possible.
  • By default, obsolete attachments are hidden when viewing a bug. You can click the "Show obsolete" link to display them.
  • You can use custom drop-down fields in tabular and graphical reports.
  • Many new webservice methods.

If you are still using Bugzilla 2.x, or a development snapshot (3.3.x), you are highly encouraged to upgrade to 3.4. Also, if you are already running Bugzilla 3.2.x, the upgrade to 3.4 should be straightforward as there is no charset conversion (remember when we moved to UTF8 in 3.2), and almost no DB changes (besides new foreign keys to ensure your DB integrity). Note that you should run sanitycheck.cgi and fix errors reported by this script before upgrading, to avoid problems later.

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  1. 5 novembre 2009 à 4:09  

    “advanced” fields being hidden by default….

    Is there any option to completely hide advanced fields – for some group of users?

    example: there is group of users that should not have option to add any cc, or change default assigne to bug.. Is there, clean, way to remove those advanced options for such group of users?

    This would greatly improve our experience with Bugzilla…

    Best regards;


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