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Configuring Majordomo to not break Thunderbird’s "Reply To All" option

I just configured Majordomo to set headers correctly when sending emails to the mailing-list so that the "Reply To All" option in Thunderbird will work as expected. Blake Winton (working for Mozilla Messaging) thought this would be a good idea to blog about it.

Majordomo was configured to override the Reply-To header and replace it by The goal is to help broken email clients which don’t understand list headers. The problem with this configuration is that "Reply To All" only replies to the mailing-list, which is a problem when the sender of the initial email is not in the mailing-list. And if you don’t pay attention to this, you will forget to CC him and the guy will never get any reply. I considered this as a bug and reported it on b.m.o as bug 505374.

To fix the problem, I had to add the following two lines to the ‘message_headers‘ parameter in Majordomo:

List-Id: QA Bugzilla <$LIST@$HOST>
List-Post: <mailto:$LIST@$HOST>

I also had to set the ‘override_reply_to‘ parameter to ‘no‘ and leave the ‘reply_to‘ parameter empty, instead of the existing $LIST@$HOST value. This way, the original Reply-To header, if present, is no longer overriden and the "Reply To All" option will send the original sender a reply, as expected. Thanks to the List-Id and List-Post headers, Thunderbird 3 will also offer you the "Reply To List" option, which lets you reply to the mailing-list only. And you can also choose the usual "Reply" option to reply to the sender only, ignoring the mailing-list.

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  1. 21 juillet 2009 à 4:33  

    I think bug 505374 might still be a bug. :) I sort of agree that the "Reply All" button should reply to all the addresses, but then again, maybe it should use the Reply-To header, as it currently does… There’s certainly room for discussion about what we should be doing in that case.

    I also did a little more research into Majordomo, and turned up the link which has another way that you could add the required headers.


  2. 22 juillet 2009 à 5:25  

    The way Thunderbird 3 handles list mail is awesome now. If only all mail clients worked like that…

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