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Yes, a PC can have multiple CD drives!

I’m really irritated that in 2009, a CD player is still unable to work correctly when there are two CD drives connected to your PC. I’m pretty sure cdplayer.exe was working fine in Windows 95 with two drives, but 15 years later KsCD is still unable to work correctly. Listening to music, and especially audio CD, is one of the most basic features in an OS which should work like a charm, without any configuration needed from the user (audio CD detected > open the default CD player > play music *automatically*).

I’m on Mandriva Linux 2009.0, with KDE 4.2.4, and KsCD is BROKEN! Not only it’s unable to play any CD, but there is no longer a way to specify which drive to look at to find a CD (this feature was available with KDE 3.5). I tried Grip too, but it doesn’t work (it can list tracks, and that’s it). I tried Mplayer, but it cannot even read audio CDs (!!). And VLC 1.0.0 has a bug which prevents it to read some tracks (no idea why). This leaves me with the old XMMS application and the CDread input plugin. To have it to work, you have to use phonon-xine in the backend because phonon-gstreamer is broken! XMMS is working fine, except that if you eject the CD while XMMS is still playing it, XMMS thinks it’s a good time to freeze your PC. Wow! Welcome in the 21st century, Linux! (and some people still wonder why Linux is still at 1% of the market share??)

For those interested in this story about KsCD, Xine and GStreamer, please read this bug and especially links in comment 17:

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  1. arno
    20 juillet 2009 à 4:53  

    On ubuntu, I never had any problem to read CD with vlc, totem, etc.
    With vlc you can easly select your CD drive…

    • Frédéric Buclin
      20 juillet 2009 à 4:59  

      From what I can read in bug 50507 and bug 546529, Totem doesn’t support audio CD.
      I’m using Mandriva Linux for years, but I’m more and more tempted to use something else.

  2. 20 juillet 2009 à 5:51  

    Lots of things are completely broken in KDE4 in Mandriva :
    – using vertical automaskable toolbar, changing desktop when it’s open and you can’t access it no more
    – g15 keyboard is completely ignored in kde4
    – maximised konsole from an old session, got it unmaximised and…. Ohhhh ! no window decoration !
    – lot of gimp scripts not working
    – skype not working
    – not even quanta is existing in kde4.

    STAY IN KDE3.5 !

  3. 20 juillet 2009 à 5:54  

    Oh, don’t think using Firefox 3.5 onto x86_64 : lot of dependancies are not resolved. The last one for me : Printing ….
    ARG. Mandriva doesn’t worth the money I subscribe to.

    • Frédéric Buclin
      20 juillet 2009 à 5:58  

      Because you paid for it? :)

      • 20 juillet 2009 à 6:26  

        I prefer having the choice of the tools I want to pay for, instead of having to pay for a preinstalled crap.

  4. l3v1
    20 juillet 2009 à 7:01  

    Amarok. Nuff said.

    • Frédéric Buclin
      20 juillet 2009 à 7:03  

      I loved Amarok 1.x, but 2.x is definitely too ugly.

  5. Dave
    20 juillet 2009 à 10:26  

    I’m an ex Mandriva user, myself. I still get bugmail from the showstopper bug I got on install of one of their releases (and actually reported before it got that bad). They don’t seem to have enough testing on different hardwares and after about a year of annoyances I switched to Kubuntu. Things just work now.

  6. Toe
    21 juillet 2009 à 11:47  

    Welcome to Linux, enjoy your stay. ;)

  7. 21 juillet 2009 à 1:19  

    I’m really surprised that in 2009 people still listen to CDs!

    • Frédéric Buclin
      21 juillet 2009 à 1:26  

      Haha! :-D Well, I have no iPod, I don’t use iTunes, so…. I listen to CDs. ;)

  1. 21 juillet 2009 à 7:19  

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