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Bugzilla 3.4rc1 and 3.2.4 released

We released Bugzilla 3.4rc1 and 3.2.4 a few minutes ago. If everything goes well, there won’t be a 2nd release candidate for 3.4, and so 3.4 could be released later this month or next month. New features in 3.4 compared to 3.2 are listed in the release notes. Both releases also contain one minor security fix. If you were running Bugzilla 3.3.x, you are highly encouraged to upgrade to 3.4rc1 asap.

If you are still running Bugzilla 2.22.x, keep in mind that we will stop supporting it when Bugzilla 3.4 is released. So you should upgrade to 3.2.4 (or 3.4rc1) very soon now.

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