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New front page for Bugzilla 3.4

This is the first post about new features/UI improvements available in what will become Bugzilla 3.4. I realized that many readers don’t waste their time following links in articles; if a screenshot is not included in the article itself, they ignore links pointing to them. So I decided to insert as many screenshots as possible so that you have them immediately in front of you. And also, you can no longer complain that you didn’t know about such or such (bad) improvements when your Bugzilla installation is upgraded. ;)

Today, I will talk about what will be the most noticeable UI change: the front page.

Front page displayed to logged out users

Front page displayed to logged out users

Above can you see the new front page displayed to logged out users. There are two major changes: the 3 big buttons in the center of the page, and the login form in the header and footer of the page (the login form is now in the header and footer of all pages). The first button (the green one) will let you file a new bug. Of course, it will display the login form first as you cannot file anonymous bug reports. The second button (the orange one) will display the search page (the specific or advanced search based on your cookie; the specific one being the default). And the third button (the blue one) will let you create a new user account. Below buttons can you see a search field, well known as a "quick search" (which is more powerful than the specific search form, which is mostly useless, but less powerful than the advanced search form. My vote to kill the specific search form completely, but that’s another story).

Some users already complained that there are now 6 ways to run searches from this single page: the "Search" link in the header, the "QuickSearch" form in the header (the one with the "Find" button) the big orange button in the middle, the "QuickSeach" form below big buttons, the "Search" link in the footer and the "QuickSearch" form in the footer (again, the one with the "Find" button). I agree this may look confusing to new users. Also, there are now 3 links to create a new user account: the "New Account" link in the header and in the footer as well as the big blue button. And finally, some complained that the "File a Bug" button is useless as you have to log in first anyway. Not ideal? Your feedback is welcome!

When you are logged in, the front page will look like this:

Front page for logged in users

Front page displayed to logged in users

The only major difference compared to the logged out page is that the blue button now points to your user preferences. Also, the login form disappeared and is replaced by your login name, as in previous Bugzilla versions. We all agree that this page is suboptimal for logged in users, as much more useful data could be displayed instead of these big buttons (advanced users already use links in the header/footer of the page anyway). But we plan to improve it for Bugzilla 3.6.

Do you like it? Do you hate it? You have no opinion? Please let us know! :)

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