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Bugzilla 3.3.1 released

Bugzilla 3.3.1 has been released last night and is the first development snapshot of what will become Bugzilla 3.4, whose feature freeze date is January 29, 2009. More important new features are available in the last Status Update: users can choose their timezone to display dates and times (especially in bug comments), several improvements to custom fields, two new WebService functions (Bug.get_history and User.get), there is now an email preference to get bugmail for new bugs, users can re-order columns in buglists, user account passwords are now encrypted using SHA-256 instead of the UNIX crypt() function (passwords longer than 8 characters are now correctly validated!), some parameters considered obsolete have been removed, Bugzilla can now use an asynchronous job queue for sending mail (optional and disabled by default, check your parameters), on midair collisions users can decide to only submit the comment and skip other changes, … and of course code cleanup and improvements (such as decreasing the load on the DB when viewing bugs, refactoring of the product and classification code).

In a couple of days (I hope!) will also be released Bugzilla 3.3.2, 3.2.1, 3.0.7 and 2.22.7 with several security fixes (a last one to fix, and we are ready to go). Stay tuned!

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