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How to avoid tinyurl when you want to paste a URL to a list of bugs in Bugzilla

On planet.m.o, I see tons of tinyurl’s used to point to lists of bugs (a.k.a buglists). When you run a complex query, this is indeed the best solution for now (till bug 400063 is fixed), but in many cases, the query is simple enough to avoid tinyurl. How? Use QuickSearch!

For those who don’t know, QuickSearch is a built-in feature of Bugzilla. This is the small textbox on the left of the "Find" button you can see on all Bugzilla pages, in the header and in the footer. Maybe you think that all it can do is to get a bug ID and go to this bug when you click the "Find" button, but it can do much more than that!

Let’s take a few examples from recent posts on planet.m.o:

Example 1: Alex Faaborg’s post about polish bugs:

The "Hard Polish Bugs" link currently points to but could be replaced by (click here for a try). How to get it? In the textbox mentioned aboved (or if you installed the Bugzilla Quick Search plugin, you can get the same result from here), you type:

prod:Core,Firefox,Toolkit sw:"[polish-hard]" kw:polish

"prod:" means "product", "sw:" means "status whiteboard" and "kw:" means "keywords". As you are querying in more than one product, you enumerate them separated by a comma. About the status whiteboard, I wrote [polish-hard] between quotes, but they are not mandatory in this case as there is no whitespace nor comma. But I’m used to add them by default for this field as most of the time I’m looking for something of the form [foo bar], i.e. with whitespaces. Without quotes, Bugzilla would read sw:[foo only and wouldn't know what to do with bar] (well, it knows what to do with it, but that’s not what you expect in this case).

You immediately see how to easily build the link for "Easy Polish Bugs". All you have to do is to type:

prod:Core,Firefox,Toolkit sw:"[polish-easy]" kw:polish

and you get this URL.

Example 2: Mozilla Platform meeting minutes: 2008-10-28:

The "JS 1.9.1 Bugs" link about wanted bugs for JavaScript could easily be obtained by:

prod:Core comp:"JavaScript Engine" flag:wanted1.9.1+

which generates this URL. Here, "prod:" is again the product, "comp:" means "component", and "flag" is… a flag. In this example, quotes are mandatory for the component because its name has a whitespace in it. Note that you don’t need to specify that you only want open bugs; that’s the default! :)

Example 3: Calendar Community Testday On Thursday, October 30:

The "some fixed tb-integration bugs that need to be verified" link could be obtained by:

RESO prod:Calendar resolution:FIXED flag:integration

which would generate this URL. Note that we start to type RESO, which means you want bugs with the RESOLVED bug status only. As I said above, the default is to only look for open bugs. If you don’t want to use this default behavior, you have to mention this as the first argument. Then, "resolution" is the bug resolution, here bugs marked as FIXED only. And finally, "flag:" contains a flag name with no +/-/?, meaning that you don’t care, you want all of them. Also, "integration" is not the complete flag name, it’s "tb-integration". So Bugzilla would return all bugs matching the above criteria, and would also catch bugs having e.g. "fx-integration" if it exists.

Last trick of the day:

If you want to see all bugs waiting for your (super-)review, you can easily get them all at once typing e.g.:


Just replace my nick on b.m.o by yours, of course. :) A shorter alternative is:


Bugzilla will automagically consider this last case as a flag due to "?" being detected in the string. That’s the only case where "flag:" is optional. If you suspect there may be requests for review in bugs which are already resolved (either RESOLVED or VERIFIED), you can ask for all of them thanks to:

ALL review?LpSolit

ALL is specified as the first argument to override the default and will make Bugzilla look for both open and closed bugs.

Note that you cannot do everything with QuickSearch. For instance, those testcases are not possible for now.

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  1. 29 octobre 2008 à 10:26  

    I’ve now added a qs keyword bookmark so I can just type in "qs X" to perform a quicksearch from my location bar. This is awesome.

  2. 31 octobre 2008 à 3:42  

    For anybody who’s unaware, note also that Bugzilla 3.4 will automatically shorten search URLs. :-)


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