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Bugzilla Is doing User Studies in the Pittsburgh PA Area

I’m publishing this article on behalf of Guy Pyrzak, our UI guy at Bugzilla:

With the recent upgrade of BMO to 3.2, there have been a few usability improvements and a few regressions. These are all things that might be expected with major upgrades to any UI. The Bugzilla team has enjoyed getting the feedback from Mozilla users about how to further improve the User Interface. We’re really trying to focus on improving Bugzilla’s User Interface in the coming versions, but part of doing that is getting good user data. We’ve even got a student group at Carnegie Mellon to do several user studies on how people use bug trackers and Bugzilla in their every day work. However, in order to do user studies they need to find Users!

This is where you all come in. We need some volunteers, in the Pittsburgh PA area to allow our student group to come into wherever you use Bugzilla, home, work etc and video tape, and interview you you while you do your work. The students will have an IRB waiver for you to sign, which just makes sure you’re not harmed while they watch you. The students will want to understand how and why you do your job. They’ll ask you some questions about how you do your work, and why you do, whatever it is you do. In the HCI community this is called a Contextual Inquiry. To find out more about how a Contextual Inquiry works you can read more on Wikipedia.
If you’re not able to let a student group come to your work, but still live in the Pittsburgh PA, you can still help us out! The students will also conduct studies in a more controlled environment, that isn’t where you work. So if you can’t let the student group visit your workplace, please still contact us. The more users we’re able to observe the more data we can collect, and the more we can improve Bugzilla!

Not to worry, we’re also doing other types of usability studies and analysis, but this was an instance where you all could help. Contact, or just comment on this blog if you’re interested.

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