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New position for the comment box when editing bugs. Do you like it?

While talking on IRC about how to make editable fields and the comment box closer so that you can easily comment and edit fields, especially the bug status, I suggested this mockup (ignore the fields you never heard about in the right column, those are custom fields). Is that something you would like to see officially implemented in Bugzilla? Or do you think it’s not better than what we have currently, i.e. the comment box just below the attachment table?

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  1. XtC4UaLL
    6 septembre 2008 à 12:16  

    it makes only sense when you set your preferences to show up the comments in reverse order (newest at top) and therefore should be made bind to that paticular option in the bugzilla preferences.
    Rather implement a ‘move to top’ link :-).
    (based on BMO experience)

  2. 6 septembre 2008 à 1:43  

    Me like.

  3. lpsolit
    7 septembre 2008 à 1:01  

    @XtC4UaLL, the position of the comment box is currently hardcoded in Bugzilla. b.m.o has local user pref to let you choose between before and after comments, but the official release only displays the comment box before existing comments. The reason to move the box right below editable fields is to let you more easily edit fields and comment at the same time, as I said above, without having to scroll too much.
    The "move to top" link is actually useless as you can already type "Home" on your keyboard, which has the same effect.
    Also, another reason to move the comment box far above other comments is that many people (it seems) do reply to an existing comment, and the "reply" link automatically brings you into the comment box. So its position is no longer relevant from this point of view, i.e. independent of the order of comments.

  4. frnchfrgg
    8 septembre 2008 à 2:39  

    Yeah but it encourages to read the bug before commenting, which is perhaps good for the signal to noise ratio…

  5. Martijn
    8 septembre 2008 à 10:06  

    Is there a way to get back to the old layout?
    I encountered a bug which I only could reproduce with the old layout of bugzilla. When I was finally planning on getting a minimized testcase, I noticed the layout of bugzilla was changed.

  6. lpsolit
    8 septembre 2008 à 10:39  

    If the new layout fixed your problem, why bothering? Unless you install an older version of Bugzilla, there is no way to get the old UI. What was your issue?

  7. Martijn
    10 septembre 2008 à 9:46  

    The issue is a bug that occured in Firefox.
    Searching for the "videocontrols.xml" string in didn’t scroll that word correctly into view in comment 35 of that bug. But after the bugzilla redesign, I couldn’t reproduce it anymore. I was planning on making a minimized testcase, but didn’t have the time at the time I found out about that bug.

    So it would be great if you could just go back to the previous layout (but I know, this is probably too much to ask).

  8. lpsolit
    11 septembre 2008 à 11:59  

    As I said, it’s not possible to go back to the old UI. But b.m.o was previously running Bugzilla 3.0.4+, so you should be able to reproduce your issue at

  9. Martijn
    11 septembre 2008 à 3:30  

    Thanks! That is certainly helpful. I couldn’t reproduce the issue there, see:
    So perhaps the issue is already fixed in Firefox or perhaps I was just hallucinating or perhaps the layout in that bugzilla testing environment is a little bit different, which makes the bug not appear.

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