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Bugzilla 3.2 RC1 and Bugzilla 3.0.5 released!

After a very long delay, Bugzilla 3.2 RC1 is finally out! We also released Bugzilla 3.0.5 and Bugzilla 2.22.5 to address a minor security bug.

Bugzilla 3.2 RC1 has many new features compared to Bugzilla 3.0, among which a new default skin (the old one is still available from your user preferences) and major changes to the "Bug Editing" (a.k.a show_bug.cgi) page. You can now also customize bug statuses (including adding new bug statuses) as well as the workflow to go from one bug status to another one. You can also decide which bug statuses are available when filing a new bug (in Bugzilla 4.0, we even plan to let you file bugs as RESOLVED directly!). Just in case you forgot, you can already customize the list of resolutions since Bugzilla 3.0. Bugzilla 3.2 RC1 also supports three new custom field types (besides the two already available in 3.0): multi-select fields, multi-line textboxes and date/time fields (with an integrated JS calendar popup to select dates more easily).

In the backend, Bugzilla 3.2 RC1 now supports Oracle as its database (it already supports MySQL and PostgreSQL for a very long time). Note that this support is still experimental, and there are still a few known bugs when using Oracle, so be careful if you use this database. In the l10n area, Bugzilla now fully supports UTF-8 and should work with most (if not all) languages around the world. Also, you can now install localized templates much more easily, including translated documentation which can now be installed without conflicting with other languages (previously, the documentation was in docs/html/, so each l10n doc would overwrite previously installed doc. Now they are located in docs/%lang%/html, so that you can have docs/en/html, docs/fr/html, docs/de/html without any conflict). When you click the new "Help" link at the top of each page, a new tab/window is opened with the documentation related to the page you are viewing in the language reported by your web browser (if this l10n doc package is installed server-side, of course)!

There is much more to say about new features. I could talk about the new Administration page (instead of all these administration links in the page footer, which have all been removed), about the new JS widget which lets you select keywords when editing bugs much more easily (no need to remember how a keyword is named, just select it from the list to have it added or removed), about SMTP authentication support, about DB transactions (instead of locking tables to read/write in them, and which also allows us to roll-back changes if something goes wrong in the middle of an update), about improvements to the extensions system (previously known as the plugin system), or about the ability for administrators to specify the port to use when enabling SSL to access their Bugzilla installation. But I prefer to let you read the list of new features yourself. ;)

I hope you will enjoy using Bugzilla 3.2 RC1, and if you find any bug or have a great idea to improve it even more, please file a bug! Contributions (patches, QA, doc writing) are also welcome! :)

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  1. 12 août 2008 à 9:17  

    Are there screenshots of the new skin and bug editing UI, or a test instance of 3.2 RC1 to play with?

  2. lpsolit
    12 août 2008 à 9:33  

    You can play with Bugzilla 3.2 at This is our test installation. Feel free to create an account there and play with it.

  3. 12 août 2008 à 10:02  

    Thanks, looks nice. :-)

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