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Code frozen to prepare Bugzilla 3.2 RC1

Almost one year after we reopened the trunk for development, we are freezing again to prepare Bugzilla 3.2 RC1. (Almost!) all major enhancements we wanted for 3.2 have been implemented and so we are going to debug the code which suffered many regressions in the past few months due to heavy changes we made. It’s probably the first time we changed the code so much, but it should now be much easier to read and to extend. We released Bugzilla 3.1.3 a few days ago, which is mostly feature-complete (a few late minute patches are going to land this week) and has a new UI when editing bugs. The main missing feature in Bugzilla 3.2 will be the ability to update bugs using our WebService interface (a.k.a XML-RPC). The main reason to refactor the code in process_bug.cgi was to implement this API, but it has been decided that we were late enough to not hold the release on it. Yes, I know; all of you who planned to upgrade to 3.2 to have this API will finally have to wait for the next release, Bugzilla 4.0, which shouldn’t be available before early next year.

I suggest you download and test Bugzilla 3.1.3 as much as possible and report bugs you find to There are several known bugs which have to be fixed before we release 3.2 RC1, but there are probably more bugs hidden somewhere and we would love to know about them before the release.

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