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Who is fixing Bugzilla bugs these days?

You may wonder who are fixing the most bugs in the Bugzilla product these days? Below can you see the number of Bugzilla bugs fixed by the 5 most active Bugzilla developers as well as the total of bugs fixed by all other contributors grouped together (click the image to see a bigger graph).

Bugs fixed per assignee

Max (mkanat) and myself (LpSolit) are by far the two most active developers for quite a long time now, with Josh (timeless), Marc (wurblzap) and Olav (bkor) a bit behind. This doesn’t mean other contributions are negligible; they are of the same order of magnitude as Max or my own contributions, which is great! Nevertheless, I have to admit I would be pretty excited to see some new "hyperactive" contributors so that I don’t have the feeling that 2 or 3 developers only are doing 50% or more of the work. ;)

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  1. Max
    19 octobre 2007 à 1:09  

    Wow, that is really interesting. :-) Thanks for sharing the graph.


  2. mawrya
    19 octobre 2007 à 2:29  

    Interesting. It would be even more interesting if the bugs were weighted based on their difficulty or complexity. Fixing 10 easy bugs is sometimes much less work that 1 very difficult one. Hmmm, maybe I should make a bug about that. :)

  3. lpsolit
    19 octobre 2007 à 2:36  

    mawrya, you are right. But it’s not obvious to weight bugs. The difficulty of a bug depends on the skills of the contributor and a one-liner may be as difficult as 50 lines of code because the user had to track an issue through 10 different functions calling each others before finding the culprit, etc… On average, I guess the brute results here still give a good picture of our main contributors.

  4. lpsolit
    19 octobre 2007 à 2:41  

    And for those who love stats, note that the graph above covers 1814 bugs fixed in the last 2 years (76 bugs fixed per month, 2.5 bugs per day). Don’t try to compare these numbers with Firefox or Thunderbird. The community around Bugzilla is much smaller than the one around Fx or Tb. ;)

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