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New skin, new name. But which name?

We are going to implement a new skin in Bugzilla 3.2. You can see it applied on landfill. We are ready to commit it into CVS, but before doing that, we need a name for this new skin.

What would you suggest? So far, "Melancholy", "Twilight" and "Desolation" have been suggested on IRC. Which one do you prefer? Do you have a better idea? Let us know.

PS: Note that the default skin will remain the one you already know and which we had till now. This new skin will be available as an alternate one from your user preferences (the "Preferences" link in your footer on b.m.o) so that everyone is free to choose the skin he prefers.

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  1. 8 août 2007 à 6:10  

    how about "Yawn"?

  2. mawrya
    8 août 2007 à 6:33  

    Stormy / FogHorn / Foggy / or how about Naval – that would be a little more bilingual.

    – it looks like a foggy storm at sea. Reminds me of pictures of the ship my grandfather sailed on during WWII.

  3. 8 août 2007 à 6:41  

    Out of those three, I think "Desolation" is most appropriate. I’m just surprised, landfill has a bug #1. :)

  4. 8 août 2007 à 6:59  

    I don’t like the gloomy words, I like twilight and storm.

  5. lpsolit
    8 août 2007 à 7:22  

    On IRC, beltzner suggested: flatboxed, dusk, keylined.

    <beltzner> flatboxed meant to carry forward the idea that everything is flat in appearance, and, well, boxed
    <beltzner> I suppose IKEA would have worked, but there isn’t enough yellow :)

    Also suggested by someone else is "indigo".

  6. Majken
    9 août 2007 à 1:28  

    I like flatboxed cuz the colors do remind me of courier envelopes. It also makes me think of a cloudy sky or ice, or an office.

    Skybox comes to mind, officespace, arcticcube?

  7. 9 août 2007 à 1:39  

    From the ones here, I like flatboxed and skybox best.

    Personally, I’m not much into names which convey a lot of ambience — I think dusk (for example) is a different thing for different people.

  8. glob
    9 août 2007 à 1:40  


  9. Max
    9 août 2007 à 3:24  


    Also, I’m opposed to maintaining two skins. I think we should fix the problems with the alternate skin and just keep shipping it.

    People can ship the original skin themselves separately if they have a problem with the new skin.

    The new skin isn’t quite ready for checkin, by the way. It needs to be checked as a diff against the current skin to see what it’s missing.

  10. Max
    9 août 2007 à 3:24  

    Oh, yes, I agree with glob about "slate".


  11. Ian
    9 août 2007 à 12:38  

    What no rounded corners?! :)

  12. 11 avril 2008 à 6:02  

    the best for me is suggested by mawrya, its Naval

  13. 25 février 2009 à 5:22  

    Twilight has my vote for sure.

    • lpsolit
      25 février 2009 à 1:44  

      Haha, the name has been attributed for a long time already. It’s "Dusk"!

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