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Is Firefox for advanced users only?

Je viens juste de demander sur IRC dans #firefox comment un administrateur peut partager une extension avec tous les utilisateurs; en d’autres termes, rendre l’extension globale. J’ai suggéré d’avoir une case à cocher, comme dans OpenOffice lorsqu’un administrateur installe un dictionnaire, ce qui est franchement très utile. Et la réponse franchement débile que j’ai reçue est qu’un administrateur ne représente que 0.01% des utilisateurs, et que de toute façon un administrateur sait comment utiliser des lignes de commandes pour faire cela, ou alors qu’il peut utiliser CCK. Grandiose! Donc non seulement vous devez être licencié ès Informatique pour faire une action semble-t-il aussi simple, mais en plus il vous faut apprendre chaque truc et astuce pour chaque logiciel que vous souhaiteriez utiliser ou tout simplement pour gérer votre installation.

Je veux juste dire une chose: tous les administrateurs ne sont pas des "pros" de l’informatique. Un bel exemple est l’enseignant à qui l’on demande de s’occuper du parc informatique de l’école dans laquelle il travaille, de maintenir les programmes à jour et de maintenir le système fonctionnel. Ce genre de tâches n’est pas exactement le point fort premier d’un enseignant. Et ce n’est qu’un exemple parmi d’autres (imaginez n’importe quelle autre "petite" entreprise qui essaie de se débrouiller seule). Et même à la maison, lorsque vous essayez de partager une extension avec votre femme et vos enfants parce que vous jugez qu’elle peut être utile, là aussi vous ne souhaitez pas passer par la ligne de commande que de toute façon vous ne connaissez pas, malgré que votre système d’exploitation dit que vous êtes "l’administrateur" de votre système.

Cela veut-il dire que Firefox est conçu pour les mordus de l’informatique seulement?

I just asked in #firefox on IRC how an admin can share an extension with all users (a.k.a. globally). I suggested why not having a checkbox on installation which you can mark if you want the extension to be available to all users? This is what you see when an admin installs a new dictionary with OpenOffice 2, and this is really helpful! A reply I got was of the form "admins are only 0.01% of users, and admins know how to use command lines to do it, and there is CCK too". Great! I have never heard of something more ridiculous than that. So not only must all admins have a PhD in Computer Science to use Firefox in an optimal way, but they must also learn all the tricks from all the software to manage their network.

I just want to say one thing: not all admins are developers/hackers nor do they have time to search in the documentation which command line (if any) to type. One precise example I have in mind is teachers who have been asked to manage the network of the school they are working in, and to keep softwares up-to-date and to have everything working correctly despite administering a network for some hundreds of users is not their exact primary skill. Even you at home, when you install an extension and want to make it available for your wife and children, because it’s exactly what your family needed, is not necessarily an "expert", even if your settings say you are an admin.

So is Firefox for advanced users only?

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  1. 13 juin 2007 à 6:05  

    Most third-party plugins you install on Mac OS X (Flip4Mac, RealPlayer, etc) and system preference panels (Growl, APE, etc) ask you on install if you want it only for you or for everyone on the machine. Mac apps think it’s important, and they’re aimed at the clueless. :) No reason Firefox should be any different, so I agree with you.

  2. 13 juin 2007 à 6:19  

    The thing is what you’re trying to do requires some level of expertise, and I agree that while system admins may not know everything they should be skilled enough to learn what has to be done.

    Teachers or other non-qualified system admins shouldn’t be in that position to start. Yes I know that’s just how it is but you are looking in the wrong place for the source of the problem.

    You may be interested in Firefox Repackager (unfortunately Mac OS X only) though:

  3. Max
    4 juillet 2007 à 5:04  

    Yeah, I agree with you. :-) It could help to ask if you want to install it for everybody. It’s a little more tricky on Linux than on Windows, to do that, but it could be done, probably.


  4. Steffen Wilberg
    13 juillet 2007 à 4:24  

    Of course you can install a global extension like this:
    firefox -install-global-extension myextension.xpi

    But the easiest method is to simply copy the xpi into the appdir\extensions folder. On the next start of Firefox, an xpi install dialog is displayed asking "The following items were found in your Extensions folder. Do you want to install them?"
    Click Install to install the extension. If you click Cancel, the xpi is deleted from the extensions directory.


  5. lpsolit
    13 juillet 2007 à 9:46  


    You mean the global appdir\extensions directory (in /usr/local/firefox) or my local directory (/home/buclin/.mozilla/firefox)? In the first case, will all users be able to install it and use it? I wouldn’t want this extension to go away if a powerless user clicks "Cancel".

  6. Steffen Wilberg
    13 juillet 2007 à 10:23  

    The first one (/usr/local/firefox/extensions). The install prompt only shows up once and for the first user starting Firefox after you dropped the xpi into that folder. If you click Install, the xpi will be installed properly. On subsequent starts, there is no prompt, so other users can’t press Cancel.

    But all users can uninstall the extension through Tools -> Add-ons, if they have write-access to that directory, so make sure that they don’t.

    The other directory you mentioned (/home/buclin/.mozilla/firefox) is your profile directory. That’s where normal, profile-specific extensions live. You can drop xpi’s in there as well by the way.

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