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What’s new in Bugzilla 3.2?

Maintenant que Bugzilla 3.0 est sortie, nous travaillons sur la prochaine version 3.1.1, qui est une version de dévelopement en vue de la prochaine version stable Bugzilla 3.2. Elle contiendra certainement quelques erreurs, mais sera suffisamment stable pour les développeurs et ceux qui ne peuvent pas attendre de voir à quoi la version 3.2 ressemblera. Nous prévoyons de sortir la 3.1.1 dans la deuxième moitié du mois de juin, avec notamment l’implémentation complète du "custom workflow and bug statuses" (je vous laisse le soin de traduire). Depuis que nous avons réouvert le code pour de nouvelles fonctionnalités le 26 février dernier, il y a eu passablement de nouveautés, dont j’énumère les principales ci-dessous (en anglais).

Notez que nous espérons voir le support pour Oracle implémenté dans la version 3.1.2 qui sortira plus tard cet été (ou automne si l’implémentation ne va pas aussi vite qu’espérée).

Now that Bugzilla 3.0 has been released, we are working on the next release, Bugzilla 3.1.1. This will be a development snapshot (do not use it in production!), probably with some bugs and regressions in it, but usable enough for admins/users wanting to see what’s new and for contributors to use it for further development. We plan to release 3.1.1 later next month, with custom workflow and statuses fully implemented (see my previous post).

Since we branched on February 26th, 2007, there have been quite a lot of new features, which will all be available for the next stable release Bugzilla 3.2:

  • Bug 314659: Provide more information for the Atom summary – When viewing buglists from your feed reader, much more information will be available, such as the resolution of bugs (in 3.0, only the bug status is available), and the product and component the bugs are in.
  • Bug 369429: Bug reports should contain microformat markup in order to make the information in them more useable.
  • Bug 354627: Improve the UI for adding/removing inheritance in editgroups.cgi – We hope it will be now even easier and more intuitive to manage groups.
  • Bug 345826: Ability to save column list in saved searches – You can now decide which columns should be displayed when viewing a specific saved search. Probably you don’t want to see the same information for different searches. Bugzilla 3.1.1 will let you do it.
  • Bug 347475: [MySQL] Use InnoDB for most tables – In the back-end, MySQL now stores all but one table in InnoDB format instead of MyISAM to allow transactions.
  • Bug 347439: Implement support for referential integrity.
  • Bug 45207: Automated sanity check that can send an e-mail if there are problems – You can now add to your cronjob and let it report problems in the Bugzilla DB. You can choose between sending you an email even if everything goes well, or only if there are problems. A good way to keep an eye on your installation.
  • Bug 286338: Remove admin options from footer in favor of a single link to Admin Options – All links in the footer of pages pointing to an administrative page have been removed in favor of a single link to admin.cgi, a page which describes all aspects of Bugzilla administration, with links pointing to each administrative page. This way, administrators have one central place to look at and it avoids filling the UI when not working on administrative tasks.
  • Bug 262275: Allow to expand/collapse comments when viewing bugs – Too many comments in a bug and you cannot find the one you are looking for? Just click the "Collapse all comments" link and only the name and date of commenters are displayed. You can then expand/collapse each comment one by one, keeping on your screen only those you are interested in (note that Bugzilla won’t remember which ones for you. If you leave the page and come back to it later, comments you collapsed are shown again).
  • Bug 80169: JavaScript-enhanced keyword editing – You don’t remember how to spell some keywords correctly? Or don’t even remember their name at all? No worry, clicking the keyword field will automagically display them all in a select field, and all you have to do is to select those you want to keep.
  • Bug 377485: Implement editworkflow.cgi – You can now decide which transitions between bug statuses are valid (you can even enable the NEW -> UNCONFIRMED transition, it works!), and which ones require a comment from the user in order to allow that change. No need to ask core developers to enable such or such transition, nor to hack the code or the UI yourself; you can do it easily in a few seconds. Of course, you must be an administrator to edit the bug status workflow.
  • Bug 218618: Show line numbers on patch attachments when viewing them in "diff" mode – You want to comment about a specific part of a patch but have no idea which lines exactly are concerned because the block is too big and all you can see is "Lines 246-375"? No worry, each line number is now displayed, so that you can write without any effort "hey, look at your line 288; it’s wrong!".

More will come in the coming weeks. Among others, we hope to support Oracle in Bugzilla 3.1.2, to be released later this year (don’t ask me for a date, we didn’t decide yet).


Customised statuses and workflow: (bientôt) une réalité

Nous y voilà. Cela faisait longtemps que les utilisateurs de Bugzilla attendaient de pouvoir choisir à leur guise les états (bug status) valables des bugs ainsi que les transitions autorisées entre eux. C’est maintenant chose faite (ou presque). J’ai écrit tous les patches nécessaires. La majeure partie a déjà été implémentée, et il ne reste que 5 patches à approuver avant d’annoncer au petit monde de Bugzilla que ce rêve est enfin devenu une réalité.

Pour les curieux, visiter le bug 101179 sur

Here we go. Customised bug statuses and workflow is (almost) fully implemented. Most patches have already been reviewed and checked in. Only 5 patches left need to be checked in and the long-awaited feature by the Bugzilla community will finally be here. See bug 101179 for more information.


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